The following resources and information are what I use to learn more about financial products and mainstream financial institutions.The great thing about this information is that it’s tailored specifically for the immigrant community.

Money Smart Program Financial Education Program (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation):

The money smart program is a full-blown financial education curriculum.The program provides basic lessons about banking and is geared toward those unfamiliar with mainstream financial institutions.The program is also available in several different languages.

Appleseed’s Financial Access Program

The Appleseed Network has developed several publications aimed at promoting financial access among immigrants. These publi- cations include Banking Immigrant Communities, a toolkit that provides banks and credit unions with information for reaching “unbanked” immigrants, and a series of brochures available in English and Spanish.

Banking on the Future with Citi (U.S. Committee for Refu- gees and Immigrants)

The U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants provides a series of financial education brochures in six languages. The bro- chures cover basic banking topics, including credit and electronic banking.

National DOLLAR WI$E Campaign

The U.S. Conference of Mayors’ Council for the New American City developed the National DOLLAR WI$E Campaign as a way for mayors to offer financial literacy programs the residents in their communities. Mayors that join the campaign establish the local financial literacy programs and the Council for the New American City provides materials for the programs.